Tourism on Pace to Give Big Gift to Community

 Orlando International Airport,


With less than 100 shopping days until Christmas, our local tourism industry has visions of record tourist tax collections dancing in its head.

Demand, average daily rate (ADR) and passenger traffic at Orlando International Airport are all in for August, proving that the last full month of the peak summer travel season was another strong month for Orlando. At its most recent update to Orange County's Tourist Development Council last week, Visit Orlando informed Mayor Jacobs and the other members of the Council that the combination of demand growth and ADR increases has put the Orange County Tourist Development Tax (TDT) on pace to surpass $200 million this year for the first time in history.

This would mark the fourth consecutive year that tourism generated record revenue for our community. That's good news for future tourism promotion necessary to compete with high-spending nations, states and major cities that are working very hard to lure Orlando's visitors to their destination. And it's an equally good sign for Orlando residents who benefit from new development and improvements to our quality of life made possible by the economic impact we enjoy from the spending of our visitors.


Driving Growth and Creating Jobs

U.S. Travel Association


As president of the tourism association, George Aguel represents the local tourism industry on the Executive Committee of the U.S. Travel Association. This "seat at the table" enables our community to have a voice in the most important matters facing travel and travelers, including critical national legislative matters that can impact the travel industry. It also puts Visit Orlando in the unique position of being able to share with our members significant resources such as a copy of U.S. Travel's latest research report, "Travel Exports: Driving Economic Growth and Creating American Jobs," which highlights the strength of international inbound travel to the U.S. economy and makes a case to continue its growth.

In addition to being a revenue generator and American job creator, travel created a trade surplus of $78 billion in 2013. In fact, travel is our nation's second-largest overall export industry, trailing only behind transportation equipment, and well ahead of the financial and agricultural sectors. Simply put: this means jobs that cannot be outsourced to another country or, in our case, moved away from Orlando.

With international visitors helping boost our annual visitation in Orlando increasingly closer to the 60 million visitor mark, this report contains a wealth of relevant data for our local tourism leaders.


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