No One Does Halloween Like Orlando

As Orlando packs up the jack-o-lanterns and wraps up two months of Halloween festivities, I'd like to share results from a successful new campaign we undertook this year to drive more demand to visit us during this period.

The Halloween industry has had an incredible rise in consumer popularity, doubling in size in the last decade and generating an estimated $8.4 billion in retail spending. Realizing that Orlando has a competitive advantage over other destinations with the quantity - and quality - of Halloween events we offer, this year Visit Orlando launched a new campaign laying claim to Orlando as the "World's Halloween Capital."

Through several creative media stories and unique social media campaigns, we created a point-of-difference for our destination. These efforts generated more than 160 million new consumer impressions for Orlando in news media and online. We secured stories in national outlets such as the New York Times , FOX news, and the Weather Channel among others.

The feedback and results from this campaign were a "screaming success" and uniquely positioned Orlando again as no other destination in the country. We look forward to expanding it even more next year.


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